Somatic Resilience and Regulation ®

Somatic Resilience and Regulation® (SRR) focuses on understanding the effects of Developmental Trauma on children, as well as the adult those children have evolved into. This cutting edge technique opens the door to working in the milieu of nonverbal trauma. By understanding the neurochemistry of early trauma and rebuilding developmental platforms through regulation, clients begin to move from a high-cost-of-doing-business system to a smoother and less stress-oriented system. Through the implementation of SRR techniques, individuals can end up developing their ability to use energy in a more positive way while experiencing less anxiety. (

Somatic Practice ®

Somatic Practice® expands on SE and increases the focus on touch, both actual and intentional, to support individuals in the resolution of the negative effects of trauma. Just like rocking a baby can sooth the child to sleep SP can help soothe an adult.


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